About us

2pixel studio is a design studio from Croatia with it’s office in Pula founded in April 2009. From the very beginning our goal as young designers was to with hard work, knowledge and technical resources satisfy Your every need and more importantly keep the quality and standard of the product at the highest level.

Industrial and yacht design is a sector in witch with our creativity but also our technical knowledge we can make a prototype of any product. We can bring Your idea to the final stage of a finished product solving any of the design “problems” along the way and offer You an attractive product, functional and technical but still keeping it productively feasible and economic.

3D modeling and rendering is possible as a separate task, as a part of the product designing process or as part Yours or ours concept presentation. Our knowledge of specialized computer programs for modeling and rendering and the ability to understand and “read” architectural and engineering drawings assures a high quality service.

Interior design is closely related to interior design and 3D visualizations so it was only natural to include it in our services. With you experience and knowledge we can help You create your perfect home, office or restaurant. With our visualizations you will be able to see and get the feel of the space even before the building starts.

In May 2011. 2pixel studio opened the company KUB engineering ltd. The goal was to expand our business activity to trade, construction and furniture manufacture but also to facilitate business with partner companies. KUB engineering is made and led by the same people as 2pixel studio and that ensures the same high quality of products and services. KUB engineering will operate under the brand 2pixel studio as an already established name in the sector