Increasing the space in witch we live weather for private accommodation, work or tourism is an ever-growing need. The time in which we live imposes fast, economic and high quality building construction which will with their functionality satisfy our wide spectrum of needs and at the same time offer safety and allow energy saving. The result of such a philosophy is a modular living space unit called Combo Cube.

Connecting the interiors with nature trough big floor to ceiling windows that give a feeling of freedom and openness but at the same time offer safety and warmth was the leading thought that is manifested in all our modular housing units.

Combo Cube is intended for those that in a short amount of time want a cost-effective, functional and high quality work or living space that is tailor-made to suit their needs. Our units are especially interesting to people working in the tourism industry and are in need of guest accommodation space. The same goes for camps, marines, hotels and wellness centers. Combo Cube is also idle for businesses as a workplace or office. And last but not least Combo Cube is a great living and vacationing space solution.

Fast construction time, less work on site and simpler paperwork are only some of the items in which Combo Cube is more favorable than conventional construction. An added feature that gives Combo Cube its upper hand is fast, easy and cheap relocation.

The unique metal construction allows for unlimited joining of separate units in compositions of different sizes and shapes (Combo Cube). It also offers the ability to add additional units afterwards as a space expansion solution.